Long Sleep To The Perseus Arm

by NVO

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The latest effort from San Francisco electronic pioneers NVO is an ethereal trek to a remote corner of the galaxy.

Venturing into a cerebral sonic landscape, ‘Long Sleep to the Perseus Arm’ is a narrative concept that tells the story of a distant future: you’re going on a trip, and your destination is the far side of the Milky Way.

Told through music with a loosely point-of-view perspective, the journey opens as you plummet into cryogenic sleep. Its a long voyage, and this ship is on autopilot. Softly bristling percussion and pensive synthesizers gently pull you into hypnosis. As the last notes of Going Under ring out, you enter into a deep hibernation. Your dormant mind wanders. Emerald Lucid Dream comes in fits and starts, much like our own unconscious night time excursions. Modal asides back up into sharply rhythmic and subtly haunting sections.

Now its time to cover some real distance. Out of this colorful soundscape, the magnetic pulse and frothy arpeggios of Relativistic Jump hurtle you forward. Bending space-time has never been this fun.

As you descend from hyperspace and return to consciousness, Awakening bubbles and ascends to life into a head-nodding broken beat. Syncopated, catchy drum work spills into a brash filter sweep harking back to the days of classic electronic music. Rise and shine… you’re on the other side of the galaxy.

Entering New Atmosphere is an alluring sub-orbital romp for 26th century explorers. Surprising chords and bass lines are the perfect soundtrack for discovering a new planet.

Dive into a Methane Ocean closes the journey in epic style. Aquatic life whirl past our vehicle in chiming counterpoint while liquid and steam feint all around.


released July 17, 2014



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NVO San Francisco, California

Since 2010, NVO has been rocking the scene with a steady assault of guitar, bass, drums, synthesizers and whatever else they find to channel the funk. The group takes an organic path to groove creation, always dissecting and reconstructing their sounds with the freshest tech. The resulting fusion of bass-heavy rock, sci-fi funk and rave-hop epitomizes the NVO sound as they blast you into space. ... more


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